Spas And Stuff ( is a longtime online retailer of hot tubs and aquatic luxury accessories. They’re particularly excited about the current deals available on Columbia Spas though, which are an American manufactured brand with a storied history.

Columbia Spas, because they’re made in the United States, are both of extreme quality and utmost value. Spas And Stuff sells them factory direct, which eliminates the middle man and ensures that they can pass on their bulk and sale pricing on to the final consumer rather than attempting to cover extensive overhead costs on every sale. Columbia Spas are also portable!

Any Columbia Spas hot tub ordered from Spas And Stuff is built-to-order, made in the United States, and wet-tested (filled with water, heated to standard operating temperature, run for a set period of time to ensure full functionality, then drained and dried prior to shipping).

The current special on Columbia Spas involves not only steep sale pricing, but the inclusion of a free gift throughout the month of June. With 12 models to choose from, Spas And Stuff recommends Columbia Spas for all your hot tubbing needs!